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Muse Light (NA Urban Fantasy) is currently in the hands of alpha readers, and I’m over here like this: No, not really.  Okay, well maybe.  I’m also waiting on responses to 5 short stories currently out on submission, and diving into a brand new dystopian fantasy series: What if technology wars destroyed the planet, leaving …

New SDS anthology: Lust!

I’m delighted to say my story, Their Eyes on Me, is going to be included in the new (and final) edition of Seven Deadly Sins, a YA anthology: Lust. Check out all the editions of SDS on Amazon!

Coming out at the end of the month!

Do you like fairy tale retellings?  Then check out JL’s newest anthology, A Bit of Magic, to be released on May 31st!   My story, a modern take on Bluebeard, is included.  Also, check out all the other wonderful anthologies released by this group: http://jlwriters.com/index.php/books/

About Me

I grew up among the snow and birch trees of upstate New York, but now make my home in the urban jungle of Atlanta with my husband, daughter, and two cats. Always to be found with my nose in a book, I enjoyed exploring fantastical worlds and now delight in making up my own.

I write YA and Adult fantasy novels and short stories.